5th Apr 2023 ~Feel pleased when I am invited~

When I woke up and opened facebook, I found the invitation to World run from the marketing directer in running society, which made my emotion happy and motivated me. Since then I noticed my involvement in running and this event were boosted. Totally agree that I push myself when I am complimented and praised. Moreover, I am basically alone and don’t call anyone in English. So such mere communication stimulates me a lot.

Althogh I came across various unhappiness today, I can run 10km and feel progressing well in group work. It is good.

However, I have an issue for my own personality. I am inclined to refer to the biography such as LinkedIn and put myself down because in many cases they are way more proficient and ambicious to their own career, which forces me to feel jearous of them. The main cause that I can’t get oppotunities to do like other in Australia is my hesitation to talk to others. I am apt to attribute causes for me to fail making friends to my inablity of English. Rather than that, I should show my mitivation to talk with others in my daily life.

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