6th April 2023 ~Completion gives me new connection~

After attending a class, I joined the final session of English communication. I was able to talk about the difficulty that I came across in this term in English but it was not sufficirnt and I am not sure if listeners can grabbed my opinions. However, while I was listening to others opinions about difficulties they confronted, one of them highlighted getting out of confort zone ceaselessly. I agree for that but it isn’t 100%. I admit the importance to stay out of confort zone to exceed our mental limits, but I would like to put stress on how we get away from our confort zones. Actually, I also attempted to get out of confort zone when I just came to Australia, but I got sick and feel depressed,which caused further mental burden on me for a while. It was like hard pressures. So I changed my approach to evolve in international setting. At first I joined as many societies and communities as possible to make friends with diverse sense of values, but now I tried to leverage the level of involvement in a couple of communities to share my thought and experiences in depth, which I believe is better for me to overcome the difficulties I percieve. To think about communication with people, I don’t wanna talk with strengers or those who are not my thing for a long period.

So what I wanna say is “Althogh it is essential to take actions to diverse community by myself, these actions should be within my capacities, otherwise I lose my health, which leads to worse results.”

In this term, without knowledge and experience on studying oversea, I enexpectedly run into tricky and stressful situations, which made me exhaused. Thus I should use this reflection for the next term. As I am accustomed to this setting, more and more challenges can be taken to broaden my growth strides. Don’t be hurry me!

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