15th Apr 2023 ~team moodmaker~

I am an introvert person basically, but I can praise other’s output in a team and convert these to their own confidence.

I just back up them behind the scene and create a trigger for them to express freely. I didn’t lead the team today just suggest one idea, but it led to excitement in the whole society. I saw new type of contribution to the team without general leadership. I needed to observe conversation and pick up some comments timely and suggested. This is also excellent social skill to broaden imagination within team.

In addition to, such my contribution does’t only motivate creators in marketing subcom, is assisted by the official leader’s “Lets do it” attitude. After my suggestion, in the marketing subcom group chat became silent for a while, which damaged my heart honestly. However, he praised my suggestion and let me implement this temporal logo swapping campaign, which gave me a little confidence today as well.

However, I know one newcomer can’t speak in this group chat. So my next mission is merge him into group conversation as well and maximize our slay output.


I like seeing people enjoy through contents I involve actually.

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