14th Apr 2023 ~Atention to detail~

I joined the running society event today, where I served as a pacer subcom role for the first time. In this role, I was asked to lead runners to our destination with safe. Accidentally, we came across downpour while running, which made our run from fun activity to surviving game. I just ran behind all runners to keep them from leaving behind. Since one runner had to go to toilet, I could play a important role. Through tough day, I was able to communicate with ohter runners who I didn’t talk anymore before and after this running, one of exective members who is very kind and outgoing praised my contiribution to the team today despite nobody around us at that time. I llok up to him so much because he is skilled at finding good points of others spontaneously and conveying them directly, which motivates a lot. These people ameliorate the atmosphere and culture as “one team”.

Now, I try to contribute to the team as much as possible, hoping that I am accepted by them as soon as possible. It is good mindset actually. Plus, it should be desirable to motivate others following the member I raised.

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