13th Apr 2023 ~Benefits are clarified later~

After attending a class in the morning, I saw weather forecasting changed, which encouraged me to head to Kathmandu, an outdoor brand, for shopping and running. Since yesterday, I was heavily caught my eyes with running vest discounted 50% from 250AUD to 125AUD.

It is expensive for students, but I felt it worth the money given upcoming events of running society such as camp, hiking, morning runs in winter, and travel with some friends.

After asking queries about fitting I purchased it and ran back to my room with the bag on my back. Actually the quality is excellent and I didn’t feel any stress while running with some stuffs. Althogh I have several convenient goods to contain cards and my smartphone and sometimes clothing for change, but I felt stress because my attention was paid to the swaying of stuffs inside it.

However, running vest reduce shakeness of them, whitch is so confy that I can feel benefits from it.

After coming back to my room, i noticed many pockets it has, which is helpful for future running for sure.

I also went to a hair dresser to have my hair cut for the first time in Sydney. I seriously worried about the quality of hair cut outside Japan due to an influenser’s opinion. However, as long as I show some pictures and speak while referrence to manuscript I prepared before going there, I successfully get my ideal hair. Preparation is the best.

Through communication, I am getting how to communicate with subcom members gradually. So, I am keeping this learning style from now on.


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