16. Feb. 2023 ~Stay Alert~

I attended the first tuturial in the Uni, where as I expected there was no Japanese.

Since my condition has got better than usual, I mistakenly became active throughout today.

After the tutorial, I walked around campus and joined a dance event. For the first time in ages I exercised actually.

The dance skill of students varied among new members including me. Althogh I could show some skills for members, these looked like not enough for me.

But, what I have to reflect on is my hesitation to talk to girls on the scenes. Actually, I was snowed under with appearance and my stereotype for dancers, too extravert, which refrained me from chatting with them, leading to no girl friends there today.

Even worse, my condition got worse after a nap that I took after the event.
my temperature went up to over 37.0.

Thus, from the next time, I have to manege my motivation and responsibility.
It is sometimes vital to push myself to gain more oppotinities. Actually, I took a action based on this motivation, but preparedness didin’t come with it. Since I join several events to socialize, I should have been comitted to doing it, otherwise my effort doesn’t pay off.

To going back my history, I did the same things again and again. To keep fit, when I can’t hold such a preparedness, the oppotunities should be ignored. The saved energy can be applied to another acitivities next time for sure.


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