17. Feb 2023 ~Make effective use of the period of illness~

Actually, I feel stressed that I cannot exercise and join any event for a week already. But I reckoned that I shouldn’t waste my time for nothing. Thus, I worked on reading while I stood for headache.

Althogh it is tricky to concentrate on reading materials as log as my phone is near me, the fullfilment of intellectual curousty by reading is satisfactory for me.

The theme was factors for innovation by Peter Drucker. The innovation lies in consistency and coucious work as well as ingenuity, which is counterintuitive. such papers by famous authors will be paid attention I thought as well though.

Unless academic papers, business reviews are interesting for me because I can see various stories about business within one paper. In fact it is one of differences between students and employees. This means that students incruding me get attracted to business reviews because we aren’t knowledge about business current affairs. Onthe other hand, academic theories are rare and appealing to employees in the same vein. They may regard such academic terms  as magical solitions toward issues they are confronting right now. From my perspective, Academic terms don’t solve business problems in fact but sort them out after their occurence.

Anyway, I was able to make a progress even while illness today. I hope that my condition gets better than today.

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