18. Feb. 2023 ~Is it strech goal?~

I have done some programming practices today, which was recommended in a class. That was 101 of Python, but I wasn’t able to complete it without hint. So it jogged my python memory.

Since I prolonged the period that I study in graduate school up to 1 year, I think I should bring back any achievement through this oppotunities in Sydney. As a mean for this, becoming a subcommittee member of any society in the Uni means a lot for me.

I am on the fence between Marketing society and Wellness warriors to put my energy and time. The former is preferable but the workload is expected heavy while the latter is just 3 hours per week. In either community, I will get unforgettable experience  as long as I committed I know.

But I am a rationalist, meaning that I am unlikely to become motivated to unexciting activities because time is important for me as long as I can be here up to 11 months. In fact, when I get confused, I should choose the challenging one because it will provide me with more oppotunities for my growth.

While I am writing, I’ve got my story straight actually. However, it is too early to pull the trigger because the work environment have to some degree influence on my creativity and productivities according to a thesis I read today.
In terms of jobs I should put myself out there and try marketing society. What I need to do from now on is that I meet the members in each community, where I can take a stock of both. The community I got more resonated with is the best environment for my comittement, where, of course, I will confront heaps of difficulties like communication, skillfull mistakes and inferior sense to others but I should have a responsibility for achieving my goal “generating a contribution to a team and sharing happiness with them”


Actually, after this blog posting, I am suposed to talk with my mom about this topic. That’s good preparation!

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