20. Feb. 2023 ~Adapting Austrarian style~

I attended the first discussion session today, where we lightly bounce ideas off each other. Althogh I felt my preparation was not enough, mine was more than other international students. According to a student, he just play it by ear in tutorial classes, which was surprising because his idea and facilitation skills are amazing. I reckoned that this is the barriers of languages. If I can attend classes in japanese, it will be easy to get high distinction. Anyway, I felt difficult to listening what the lecturer was speaking in class. Improvement of my English is one of my goal to study abroad, so this issues motivated me to train my English every day.

After the class, I was invited to go to lunch with other 4 students. Althogh I had a plan to go to Food hub, this was indisposable oppotunity. Thus I followed them. Actually, they are from India or Malaysia. It looked like that they understand my inability of English expression, they were very kind to me. Since I regret that I wasn’t able to keep up with their conversation, I was motivated to live with English more in Sydney.

However, I am attracted to Japanese Youtubers because their contents captured my preference like romantic human behaviors and hiroulious science experiments something like that.

To elucidate this distubances, there are 2 options, one is finding the similar contents in English, the other is changing my preference. Given tons of wasted time for searching for similar contents, the latter one will be better.

How to transform mine to another one?
I guess the main cause that I am unwilling to enjoy English contents is that i can’t understand, thus contents for kids may be the best because I can understand perfectly if it is.

Thus, Let’s consider subscribing to Netflix to watch contents for kids in English.

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