26. Feb. 2023 ~The deficient in my behavior and attitude~

I like going to somewhere alone, because there is no person who resonate with my hobbies. Rather than caring for others during trips, I wanna enjoy them on my own way. However, this approach doesn’t conecte to my diversification of community because any coopration doesn’t accompany.

I need a +α challenge: sharing my experience with others, which may appeal others for the next time. In the process of trends building, innovators take a weird action before others follow them with WOM that comes from innovator’s sharing their experience through various media.

Even in case study of Nespresso, the same thing were talked. When I wanna achieve a long-shot goal, to some degree preparations for it: the accuration of memes to share and attract others. I’ve come to a temporal conclusion like above.

So, I don’t have to feel depressed with the absence of intimate friends roght now. Rathere  than that, I need to gather experiences to appeal to my shallow friends who will become my intimate ones in the long run with this strategies.

So, even alone, I should take part in heaps of events which held reguraly or near me.

Having said that, I am jealous of other nationalities becuase they are easily to find their companions for travel thanks to sharing the same nationalities, which is a competitive advantages, I realized.

It is what it is. This realization very stems from my attempt to study abroad, so I am proud of myself to bit a bullet and started my life in Sydney.

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