14. Feb. 2023 ~I am pranoid about my studying abroad~

I am confronting the worries that I may not be able to obtain anything through this challenge in Australia. Actually, my very friends aren’t here right now, evryone in Japan.

The main cause for this is that I don’t join any societys’ events so far. Ailthogh this is excuse, I got sick since last weekends, where my temperature went up to 39.0. The high fever has died down thanks to my thorough rest advised by my mom, but I have a soar throat and cough up phlegm right now. Thus, I have to keep this lifestyle until I get 100% fine.

Maybe, I will be able to find my feet by participating various societies’s events, where it should be more easier to share my interests, resulting in my discovery of long-lasting friends there.
Furthermore, the students who have no experience in industries but study marketing in business school will fit the bill for me to become friends. I expect that we can establish a friendshops like the relationship between me and a friend in Japanese Gruduate school.

What I want to get my hands on through this challenge is not get frindships there, but obtain memories that I can be proud of myself through my life.

However, in my scenario, the existence of friends will bring a lot to the table to attain this goal.

S0, I can’t wait to join any event with 100% condition!


Having said that, I feel stressed the lazy traits of Australian customer services.
I realized that how much Japanese customer staffs take in costs to achieve highend customer experience. From the view of customer, I have not been accostomed to Australian standard of customr services, the doubled costs are borden on me.


Actually, I sent a gift to my GF online for ice cream, which looked like satisfying properly. Here I could confirmed the loneliness drives our sensitivity haha.


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