13. Feb. 2023 ~The first day for class in Australia~

Althogh I was under the weather, Term1 started.
Today, I just one online class without any discussion that was helpful for me, because of my feeble condition.

However, I attempted to speak out the most out of 60-70 students.
ALthogh it didn’t relate to contents in class, I spoke to the teacher and get feedback from her.

Since assignments looks like so heavy that I suffer from completing, I should get well and find some students learning with me as soon as possible, which means that I find my place in campus leading to better quality of campus life, right?

Thanks to streightforward discription, I understood 60-70% of class once maybe. Here is Australia, one of contries cherishing “multicultural coexistence”. Thus, it looks like that topics are oriented to the effects of culture.

To deepen my understanding each topic, it is vital to find the high-level direction, so today I was well-done!

ANYWAY, repair mans didn’t come to my room to replace broken ovens today dispite the promise between me and repairmans, which drove me un the wall a little a bit. Here, I learned my expectation is too high influenced by Japanese culture.

Applying my rule to another culture sounds like arrogant. Be humble, Be in my pace. Like a marathon.

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