12. Feb. 2023 ~The accumulated fatigue is unlocked with relax~

I spent all day for reading “Atmoc habit”

I’ve read 200pages in a day, it was huge progress for me, because I have never experienced such intensive reading in a day.

The reason That I can keep concentration is that I kept my phone out of my sight like recommended in the book, and the interesting contents to me.

Actually, I am interested in forming better habit to assist people for achieving good outcomes in the long run with my experience and strength in keeping preferable habit everyday.

Cinsistency is important, but I learned in this book the significance of environmental influence on constracting our better habit and devoiding worse one.

But simultaneously, I noticed that I am in motion not take a action. The honest reason for reading book is store knowledge for future activities, where I don’t take any action for my success. Thus, depending on purposes that people read book, more specifically, whether motion or action, What they obtain throgh reading will vary.

Anyway, after reading I went to library and supermarket. I felt bad at the moment with no reason. After taking a shower and talking with my GF, I told my mom that Ifelt bad. She reccommended that I scaled my temprature. Mine was 38.8… haha

Maybe, Since I had heaps of issues that I had to deal with last week, I needed to put myself on my toes at all times. At last, yesterday, I could use it for my own things, which gave me feeling of relaxation. I reckon this is the driver of my bad condition. The stored fatigue in myself flood. Stress management is important.

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