11. Feb. 2023 ~Sit back and relax~

I joined A parkrun @sentennial park for the first time.
Since this was my first participation, it was a little a bit tricky to understand how this event works at first.

The over 400 participation each week brew my mind, and everyone enjoyed the event. In fact I won’t be able to experience such a vibrant atmosphere for free in Japan.

I guess some elements contribute to such environment such as nationality, commitment to well-being, image for running and so on.

To speak up, the prevalence of events in areas mainly influences on our habit, because the bridge between Japan and Sydney in terms of these parkrun events is number-wise huge, which have an effect on the participating population.

Actually, keeping habit running regularly is tough even for me due to the dearth of oppotunities to perform in daily life. Like a monk, We runners are asked to keep boring training to join the race in the future.

Althogh there are those who set their goal as losing weight or keepinf fit for daily lives, such goal merely satisfied most people because training is tough and boring sometimes.

As stimuli, such events must convert their monotonous running lives to exciting ones, which encourages them to continue this habit with satisfaction and pleasantness.

To make good but challemging habits prevalent, as many chances to perform the fruits of mind-numing practices as possible should be required, which can be realized by teaming up with industries in Japan.

Anyway, after running I got sleepy and mistakenly fell asleep until 1pm.
I recognize the necessities to secure more time for English and socializing with the local peoples. But as long as I here write down what I obtained, such words should boost the range of personalities in the long run.

Next week, week 1 will commence, where I will suffer from keeo up with discussion. Through classes, I will obtain the skill to voince my opinions in English and the contribution as a member of a team.

I can’t wait.



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