4. Feb. 2023 ~Worriness makes me sensitive~

I am not sure about that, but kind assistance from people made me more emotional in Australia than Japan.

I guess this comes from my worriness. Just 2days past since I came to Australia. As I posted yesterday, I couldn’t be satisfied with my communication skill, which removed my confidence. I was supposed to attend a city tour in the morning, but the fearness that I get excluded from group made me hasitate to go there, instead I went to shopping to get neccesary products for my daily life. Try looking on the bright side. I efficiently manage myself and time to maximize the productivity that I can do today. So, I have been tired with English communication, and get agitated because I believe that first impression have significant influence on communication later.

Since I am down in the dumps, kindful people easily move me. For instance, a man who taught me how to get to bus station from shopping mall, a old man who suggest me that I sit on a seat because I have lots of stuffs, ladies talking to me for asking and shoppers. Once O-week events start, I will get various chances to hit it off with various students.
Lonliness highlights kindness.

This system are tailored to marketing strategies, right? haha. It is more efficient to target to those who feel sad with relaxation services.
That’s why “Gravity” that is a SNS for people hoping to feel relax obtained acknoledgement among every man and his dog!

As my oracle said, it may be best considering my capacity right now that I follow with others here, like constructing process of my research plan. When I find a person who I can open up, I will be able to pick up the pace.


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