1. Feb. 2023 ~The perceived bond with my mom~

At last, I left Japan today. It was “unexpectedly” sad and I bursted into tears when I say goodbye to my mom. ANYWAY, I went to Narita temple and ate burnt eel on rice with my girlfriend.

Then I went to the airport, where my mom waited. To be honest, today was the first moment that my mom and my girlfriend met up. The main reason I couldn’t open our relationship for mom is that I didn’t wanna make her sad and lonely by showing our atmosphere.

However, she looked like having no problem. It took me getting at a loss for words. Actually, I love my girlfriend because she is an important entity that I can show my real emotion, which is closer to my mom but not equitable.

Since years have been accumulated, the bond with my mom is greater than her. I don’t have a crystal ball for the future though because, following this theory, we will share more and more time, where our bond can be beyond one with mom.

I noticed how I am rich in kind relationships around myself. Don’t waste it by coming to Australia, Deepen it more!



It is further easier and more comfy than my expectation that I go to other countries via plane. Because water was supplied, better air conditioning was working, I can go to the restroom anytime and comfortable seats are available.

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