16. Jan. 2023 ~Consistency and Frexibility can coexist~

Today, I have a class in the morning altough I went to bed at 2am. But, today’s tutor was an influencer on Tiktok.

He was so energetic that my sleepiness had gone. Furthermore, in front of many student, I could raise a hand and asked two questions. I am proud of my bravary.

It had been doubtful for me that people can have a cake and eat it too, consistency and frexibility.

But, It has turned out that it was just my lack of logical thinking. Whenever emergency happens and we should overcome them one by one, where the both coexist. That’s simple! After the lecture, I worked on an assignments that we are asked to write an essay about the lecture with A4 ×3

Since it was so exciting, I could get it over with and share good insights in the paper.

When his SNS account blew up, he took advantage of this to improve his followers with 50 thousands increasing within 1 week! Blowing up means boosting engagement, which can facilitate the process that consumers make a decision, leading following him at the end.

He is people person. However, He was also strategic.
For selfbranding, we need Flexibility and framework to deal with accidents. And to maximaze this effects, Consistency will be further required.


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