15. Jan. 2023 ~Sooner rather than later~

I was working on assignment for 26th. Jan, which is a presentation. I wanted to finished it in the morning, but it took untill 7 pm.

However, it wasn’t any waste of time because I consider lots of things to make my explanation straigtforward. This must contribute to my groth of logical thinking skills and intimate attitudes to others.

With additional tips on my slides, it will be helpful for everyone to understand in the class.

Actually, an important lesson popped up in my head just after taking a shower, but it has vanished into thin air. The ship has sailed. I dig myself into a hole with my weak temporal memory… However, I have a fragment of memory that I look on the bright side of negative things. So, it relates to positive thinking, I swear.

So, next time, WHenever I come up with anything like stimulating insights, I will have a note to store it. That is also beautiful lesson right?

Since I have to work on an assignment tomorrow as well, I will go to bed to recover from fatigue.


Yes! a few minites have reminded me of forgot memory!
I am likely to get confused about my future career and it looks like wasting tons of time for nothing because I cannot perceive any progress. However, I considered various possibilities which remove unsophisticated answer when I run into a moment that i have to make a decision. So, pondering may help me decide any choice perfectly. And Pondering in daily life is the best training for it!



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