30. Jan. 2023 ~not sunk in yet~

I spent all day on preparation for packing for flight to Australia today. Maybe all things that I need to do has been finished.

This is due to my mon coming from hometown to my apartment. She is a indispensable entity for my life and one who I should respect in my life.

We chatted about tomorrow and both said it doesn’t sink in that I leave Japan soon because There is no nervous atmosphere among us and we expected this is due to my experience moving a couple times like from Shiga to Tsukuba and from Tsukuba to Hyogo.

I hold the same feeling for moving to another place right now. Actually I will be back to Japan just in 11months, which will get by soon.

What does she percieve values for me though I don’t pay money for her?
Such unexpected behaviors by her son, me, worth a shot? If so, bringing up children may be addictive, whom I would like to avoid in the future. Rather than that, I will invest more in various experiences. HOwever, Having my children has possibilities for me to be provided with oppotunities and experiences that I can do without them.

In this meaning, happiness can come to me even with children.
Uncertainty may be a key for our satisfaction because achievements can exist beyond it.

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