11. Jan. 2023~Elements for behavioral modification~

It has turned out that I have several cavety in my mouth despite no pain right now. But, Since I had to accept the fact that gum inflammation will transform more serious dental problem in the future, which is substantially horrible right?

After leaving the dentist, I search internet for global standard of dental care, where I have found that dental floss cleaning at lease once in a day is necessary not noce-to-have. That was shocker… I have no habit such that.

To turn it around, I checked recommended one through Youtube and bit the bullet and purchased 250m dental floss with 2000 yen. Furthermore, I watched Yotube vedeos about how to keep clean my teeth with brashing and practiced after the meals.

Like these, my behavior has been ameliorated even temporarily. On a face of it, today’s incidents is no-surprising. However, I look up to the dentist because they has change my mindset for dental care, at least they offered a wake-up call to improve my care. Furthermore, my literacy for health is relatively high, which drivered such behavioral modification.

This is value co-creation right?
When I noticed it, I was intellectually stimulated!

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