29. Jan. 2023 ~The wamth in my family~

I visited my hometown to meet my granma. I stayed there just for 3 hours to chill out. Their hospitality is always great and allow me to relax, which sometimes prevent me from focusing on tasks though.

Since she get so sad for me to leave Japan for a while to burst into tears.

In addition to her, my aunt also gave me a phiten necklace which is believed to reduce burdens on my neck and shoulders with ore’s influence.

Thanks to my family, I can go abroad with positive image. Without them, I won’t be able to communicate with friends in Kaiwa club due to jealousy. The foundation establised by them enable me to enjoy daily life.  I think they don’t earn as much money as I hope as my income in the future, but They seek to contribute to me by assisting, which moves me evrytime.
At least, I cannot be so enthusiastic just for others. This is the point that I look up to them. I don’t think that it sinks in even after having my family and a child down the road.
However, as I get moved, such pure contributions to intimate people is one of key to obtain strong bond from them, encouraging thier inertia to become loose.

I wanna generate more return than their investment on me to catch them off guard and feel happy because right now, I do so thanks to them.

Since my granma cried when I leave her home, though she seldom do so at other moments,  she will keep fit and reunion with me next December.


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