28. Jan. 2023 ~Thanks for best friends in KAIWA club~

I went to hair salon, where I shared my momery in Okinawa with my favorite stylist and talked a lot. I belive her ability to make my hair style cool.

ANYWAY, after my hair got cooler, I put away my room and proceed the process of packing for studying abroad. From many advices from international students from China to my graduate school, I will be able to finish my packing smoohly.

In the evening, I and friends in kaiwa club met up at Dotombori and went to Rossian Dining bar and Japanese Izakaya.

My best Japanese friend in the club had a appointment with his old friends, He had to leave before the second place. It was pity but, I could give  sake for him ornamented with tape. Since he provided me a lot of insights, which helped me deepen my understanding of various topics. Since I will face a lot of hurdles to understand discussion in foreign country, which may hinder me from feeling achievement and excitement in each class, sometimes discussion on ZOOM with him may be great assistance to the fulfillment of my intellectural satisfaction.

Anyway, without my own action to make friends internationally since my student life in my graduate school, I will feel nervous before studying abroad.

They communicate with me friedly partially because their interst contains communication with Japanese people, but I felt that we could become a common friends like, Japanese-Japaese friendship, with each other because I could share my opinions with them frequentry and assist their learning process by sharing my insight.

Thus, The takeaway from this is that having my strong points in some disciplines can built sound friendship with people regardless of foreigners and Japanese.

Thus, I should pay attention to interesting events and fields and go the extra miles for acculating knoeledge about it, which contribute to my purpose in studying abroad to become street-smart.

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