27. Jan. 2023 ~blessed with luck~

Today is the last day that I go to school before leaving Japan, where I deleverd a presentation relating to my research Question.
I had been devoted to chatGPT and web scraping last night, so I woke up at 11 AM. In fact I went to bet 3 am yesterday.

In this morning, I eventually succeeded in scraping sentences in the all of posts in this blog within 20 sec. I was on the cloud nine.

However, I have only 1 hour before leaving my room to go to school after this accomplishment. Thus, without any last-minute recap for my presentaion, I had to go to school. I had butterflies in my stomach before and during that time, but my professor said that I had a presentation easy to understand for listeners.

This is because of my presentaion slides and my adding infomation. Moreover, I could reply to Questions from some students and teachers. While discussing, I paid attention to what I’ve learned through internships and semminers.

To take stock of my presentation, the score is 60, give or take. Because I failed to add exploration here and there due to my lack of preparation which should hindered listeners from get around their head.

Thanks to teachers’ comments, I noticed that my thinking had been biased partially, resulting in sound direction for next steps.

Anyway, I love doing and thinking evrything from the different or exotic perspectives. This will be appeal point in job hunting, right?

With this stance, I try to experience as many thing as possible! And, I will get strong confidence there!


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