7. Jan. 2023 ~Conecting my goal to my experience~

In this morning, after workout with weights, I talked with a Japanese influencer experiencing study abroad in Australia for several years for 30 min.

I asked question about daily life, school society and my goal of studying abroad.
As long as I rely on Japanese hair stylists, I at least have to spend 70-80AUD, which is more expensive than my expectation… I may be economical with daily life to experience lots of things, so I will count on other hair stylist at first hehe.

Anyway, I succeed in hearing stories from other graduate students in Australia who spoke with him before. They all have their experiences conected to their essential and fundamental goals. For example, A student who study Zoology took part in a volunteer society for one of animal welfare groups because she can’t do it in Japan, but it is availbale in Australia.

Although it is her achievement of research in zoology that is her own fundamental goal, which means that activities in animal welfare groups is not her final goal, these experience in such groups will facilitate intuitively her research question in the long run.

To play the long game, we have to be aware of conecting my goal to my experience. Of course, the most interesting part of  studying abroad is its contingent feature though hehe.

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