6. Jan. 2023 ~Experience helps me overcome my own fearness~

I had an oppotunity to meet up students from Australia where is the place for my studying exchange from next month.

These days, I had been worring about my English and communication skill because the number of friends is relatively small and am not skillful at small talk in Cambly.

However, I could talk with these students without no pressure. Of course, They are exchanges from AU to Japan, which mean they are interested in Japanese. However, I could lead conversation in a group by myself. Furthermore, with common interests, me and one exchange hit it off straight away. Thanks a million DBz and Hizime no ippo!!

With such icebreaking, they are so kind for me that they gave me tips relating life in Australia something ike hair cut, society, food, how to teach Japanese generously, reccomonding marathon events etc…

He is going to flight to Sapporo for boxing match next month and walk it off to make his own body shaped up, whose consistency and effort inspired my considerably.

I also shared my experiences in marathons with him and made it for catching him off guard. At the end of the session, we promised to run City2Surf marathon together in 2023. I am pumped! and I feel content with such a promising start of 2023!


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