3. Jan. 2023 ~What is my priority?~

Me and my mon were at loggerheads ,and have steadied the ship and settled our differences.

My brain was filled with “What is my research Qs for my paper for master?”
Hers was filled with “What we have to prepare for bording to Austraria?”

I appreciate her because she puts in the hard yard for my goal without any transaction.

Uncontiously, I bank on her and lax with my own tasks to be devoted to my priorities, which is so selfish trait that everyone will dislike.

she does not have any bachelor’s degree, but is an ideal parent who will be looked up to by everyone. I need to enjoy it and apply to my goals in a positive way, which make her feel happy and mativate her to hit her stride even in her own business.

I am always relying on her for everything and do not earn money. Thus, I should not go on and on about shoilda coulda woulda, but enjoy it to make the future cut like English and Research. At least I have to adjust my short term plan to her own one as a time transaction.


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