4. Jan. 2023 ~Inactivity causes self-depression~

I went to an electronic store to insert E-SIM into my phone. However, during consulting, I left all the tasks up to my mon and said “Don’t leave mr high and dry” althogh I was reluctant to take over them by myself. I am so so so selfish and full of myself!! Since it was painful for me to show my childfullness to shop clerk in front of us, from next oppotunithi, I am willing to knuckle down and work on procedures by myself or become coorperative with any partner.

After visiting the shop, I enjoyed dinner in a kind of Japanese bar restaurant with my boss in a marathon company. This is because of his kindfullness that he wanted to sent me off warmly to Australia. In the restaurant, we talked about several topics like what I should do there, his stories in US, my career path etc..
In particular, it resonated with me that I should put in the hard yard there to experience a variety of thigs like sports events, meeting people and sightseeing.
Until today, Whenever someone ask me the reason I go to Australia as an exchange, I answerd like the presence of oppotunity for more specific research topic there. In other words, my purpose was study-oriented. However, it is too difficult to achieve this goal with just 10 months. Rather than that, experience- oriented goal will give me more fruitful acievements at the end of studying abroad. Thus, I take advantage of the uni in Sydney as an community for me to increase the number of companions to get exposed to a myriod of places.

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