10. Jan. 2023 ~Practice makes perfect~

I worked on an one-day internship program in a data company, where we are asked to suggest marketing plan for one toilet company based on given panel data.

At the end of the day, we couldn’t propose sophistecated suggestion for client.
The biggest mistake in it comes from lack of icebreaking. Furthermore, althogh I tryed a facilitator that is the last thing for me to become in daily life, this choice didn’t work well. This is because I couldn’t process at first data sheets due to my lack of experience in such jobs, which hindered me from focusing on team leading. That is to say, it was too complexing to lead discussion.

Furthermore, I couldn’t manage and leave tasks up to peers well, which made idle time for a few peers. This mistake degrade our output bucause our productivity was restricted.

Thus, I could reach one conclusion. It is primary that I deal with my own task infront of myself: I f I can process easily, I should lead the discussion; if not I follow and support someones’ facilitation. So, I won’t be badly stressed and can bring more to the table for team members.

Anyway, I will take office down the road, so I should accumlate more experience as a facilitator.


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