25. Jan. 2023 ~Book-smart~

I am confronting the stress that I have to delever a presentaion about my outputs from data analysis.

However, my absence of research intuition have prevented me from consistent commitment to the assignment.
Without significant achievement, I will attend the class this afternoon…

I am good at scoring high in the test which have an answer, but hopeless at finding my theme. This means that I am book-smart, not street-smart.

It is my nature that I envy ohter street-smart people, they look like not suffering like me for decision making. And, They look like not being frightened toward mistakes.

In fact, I am paranoid about offering my presentation in front of friends because I want to be smart student in front of them. I don’t wanna lose this brand image for them, that is to say, drag my name through the mud.

However, in my life, I will confront tons of pressures one after another even in Sydney. It is a great chance for me to accept my mistake, which must make my mental strength tougher and tougher!

So, althogh I will push myself until my turn in the class, I should torerate and welcome any fierce eyesight from listeners, which make myself grow and success in the future.

I don’t have to sell myself short!

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