2. Feb. 2023 ~Hello Sydney~

The couple next to me on the first flight was from Sydney. During the flight, they shared their hobbies and how to manage my life in Sydney. They are very friendly and nice, maybe because I helped them fill in documents written in Japanese. Helping others with my superiority will be key for making friends in foreign countries.

Due to the shared bad sides of Sydney, I could manage my expectations for Sydney properly. From the perspective of the locals, not as a tourist, just an attraction seems to be too borring to visit natural sightseeing spots like Ururu, haha. Before visiting and getting disappointed for it, such informaton my make me take an action to go there with intersting friends for better trip.

And the staff at airports were very kind, but I felt a little a bit awkward when I bought a bottle of water. I just waited for her asking if I needed a receipt. I should have say “I need it”. The same wierd senses happened repeatedly at the supermarket and inside buses.

Actually, accumalated fatigue caused me 2hour sleep after coming to hotel in this afernoon. It makes sence considering a lack of sleep on flights, hard work to find bus stop in English and tacit stresses due to weather abrupt change or spmething. Althogh I am attracted to several societies as a student life from now on, I will be requied to select 1~2 poitions for myself to commit.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to get a new room to live in Australia, where I wanna apply my experience in my life to icebreaking, sharing myself and work on together, which enable me to get a friend to feel intimate. Since groceries are also much expensive comparing to those in Japan, I shouted in mu mind “Too hard to keep fit!!!” Throughout studying abroad, I can also mastered cooking maybe, which must have sufficient impacts on my future.


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