9. Feb. 2023 ~Life is the iteration of overcoming hurdles~

Since I have running event and a big party in this evening, I will write right now. Althogh you expect I donn’t experience anything right now, I did a lot even in the morning.

I confronted a circuite breaker tripping in this morning. I didn’t guess that I did it by myself while I am here.
I got fired up with it.

With my limited capacities for information make me extremely confused, which strive me from taking a mental rest. I have to pay attention to running out of my energy by stress.

I reckon the situation I feel stressed is when I bang my head against the wall, that is to say, interupped.
Overly automated habit can cause such issues once every now and then.

It is a very ironic issues here, right? Because we can make a more challenging action with highly-automated habit to increase our well-being, but in fact such over-boosted expectation can cause disappointment and depression when we confront interuption during challenge.

Thus, I have learned that it is not good to expect exponential growth everyday, but also to regard daily routines as overly usual.

As an important attention to myself, Kudos to everything each day.

Actually, I am looking forward to enjoy running event today, but it is lightning rught now. I guess the event will be cancelled in a few hours.

I have to accept the facts where I am not in the drivers seat.

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