3. Feb. 2023 ~Snowed under with mates under hot sun~

I’ve come to the school that I will study as an exchange today. It took a while to get accostomed to new system like connecting to Wifi, get a ID card, and socializing with new people. Spanish group was so extrovert to me. They hit it off quickly with European girls who ignored me.

Actually, I am feeling negative but the cause of this problem doesn’t come from environment, but my attitude. In fact, they listened to what I was meaning. Some students like Indian, Australian, Italian, Chinese talked to me kindly althogh my expressions were rough around the edges. I like 1 on 1 conversation, that is to say, it is my confortable zone. To look back, 1 on 1 casual conversation is easier than multi one because I can focus on 1 person, which may be common among people though.

It also turned out for me to be likely to put my responsibility toward others or environment which covers me because my limited capability of English (,Tabletennis and FIFA game)  hindered me from socializing wth mens in a party.

I realized the importance that I should go to community that I can express myself more freely. Maybe, I will go to 4 societies that looks like fitting my personality and preferences. In the stage of prioritizing into 1 or 2, I will this framework to to choose right direction toward my goal here, sharing insights to generate heated discussion in English.

Anyway, my english was the worst in the exchange community, so there are tons of room for improvements!


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