10. Feb. 2023 ~miscellaneous pathway toward my goal~

Runners tend to be shy for people. Actually, I just run 12k and that’s all. I reckoned there are many rooms for improvemment. However, I haven’t joined all kinds of events yet. So, it is too early to judge them RN.

I experienced Club for the first time in my life last night. I found how amazing dance is for me. I should enjoy dance during my studying abroad. Because I Found it exciting to meet up with people and dance off the cuff.
But, my hesitation to talk to girls prevented me from maximizing my experience there. I should have made an action more for my own good.
I guess this is because several experience that I failed to hit it up with girls since I came here. Since I conclude my mistake as the lack of English Fluency, it is not until mine has been improved that I feel hard to talk to party girls.
It is interesting right? English capacity is in proportion to socializing one.

It was bang for the buck in Coles. I bought ingredients and other stuffs. Since I didn’t have any party today, I attempted to talk to staffs to find what I need.
That was good for my training.

On the way back to my room from Coles, parttime job is also good for my experience here, cuz I can coorperate with other staffs to contribute to excellent customer services. Plus, I can get money at least 20AUD per hour.
So, I reckoned if I couldn’t secure any subcommitee position this month, I will try to apply for part time jobs.

I was down in the dumps last night, cuz the iteration of issues in my daily life like circuit breaker trippings. However, I could find good recipes that I can make without oven which was the main cause for the breaker trippings. At the end of the day, mistakes or issues force me to change direction by breaking my common sense.The many mistakes I experienced, the more diverse direction I can see in my life. Which is more amazing 360° view pic or normal one?? I wanna take the former.


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