28. Feb. 2023 ~On a positive note~

While I was attending an interview for a marketing society, I cursed my inability  to express myself in English because the other prospect member was a good speaker who successfully connected her experience and belief to the position she is seeking. This time is the first moment that I experienced the interview in English, but it is my thing rather than discussion because There are enough time for me to speak.

Through this interview, this society looked like hope us to have belief all experiences we have relates to the specific position regardless of my data analytics experience. Moreover, it is what it is, but how to express myself in English also means a lot. In my case, about 60% I wanted to say was covered but I think that I can better off convey my passion in a different way, which will convince interviewers to feel easy to take me.

From the next interviews for job hunting or part-time job or internships, I will conciously convine my passions with why I am appropriate to the specific positions, which makes sence.

I fogot the key for conversation. I should be a good listener, not one who works on multi tasks while talking, which make them feel sad and lonly. Once I walked in my GF’s and interviewers’ shoes, it is obvious. I wanna appreciate them for letting me to notice that point.

Any way, I kept this diary for two months so far. So very good!
Althogh it sounds like difficult to become a subcommittee member for data analysis, I will interpret myself tomorrow.


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