1. Mar. 2023 ~Seeking oppotunities~

I was disapointing that I underpeformed yesterday, but as soon as I waked up, I found a post in Instagram that my running comunity started recruiting subcommittee members. I guess this is the ideal setting for me to commit throughout my campus life in Sydney and the biggest chance that I make friends to pick up confidence for socializing.

As it stands, I am always dropping my confidence due to my lack of skill  to listen to people. Althogh I completely focus on listening, their speed and unrefined grammer make me too confused to communicate smoothly.

As it looks like difficult to think outside the box so far, I will be able to join in discussions to identify untouched perspectives, which help us refine our suggestion.

Moreover, althogh I am irritated to my inability in English, anyone trys to make me understand what they say. I should more appreciate.

Actually, when I prepared for a class and other members noticed my preparation, they said to me “Good Job”, which let me feel my contribution to my team.

Thus, I will push myself to find some points that even I can bring to the table.

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