29th Mar 2023 ~Invisibility is horrifying~

As long as I was commited, members accept me.

Rather than that, until I met them today, I was scared of meeting them because I expected they criticise me for my laziness. I should have solve this worriness by talking with them more frequently.

Until yesterday, I failed to communicate with them because of my lack of listening skill. I failed to catch what they talked, which must have irritate them. I reckoned if I write my idea first, they don’t have to aggressively talked to me and can understand what i am thinking. Thus, I wrote my idea as many as possible on my docs. So, one of teammates agreed with mine and expanded from my idea note to today’s discussion.

From this experience, I learned that I sometimes need to change my way of conveying for others to understand what I mean properly and Once I can contribute to team, the atmosphere become vibrant, which give me more motivation for contribution.

To sum up, I shouldn’t have been afraid of invisible issues. While I have fear for nothing, I should consider how I can convey my effort properly, which leads to better result at the end I believe.

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