22. Mar. 2023 ~What I learned in trip~

When the environment changes, there are discrepancies between the norm and the norm, so you can learn.
For example, I had a concept of eggs like this, but there are so many kinds of eggs in Australia, I didn’t know which one to choose.
This is an actual experience of the current situation where too many choices result in higher costs.
Spending money is a good way to get to know each other, and the importance of socializing.
I didn’t want to travel with more than one person because I didn’t have autonomy, but I could go to places I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go. Therefore, you can broaden your experience.
When you are pressed for time, everyone is in a hurry, and it can be frustrating. When something unexpected happened (expense or schedule change) I was angry, and not just at myself.
Still, I want to learn from the efforts I made not to show it to the person in front of me. I felt guilty about not contributing in some areas, and that was stressful, so I knew that I had a high desire to contribute on the trip as well.
Still, what can I do when I leave in a bad mood? I guess it’s better to be excited about the future than to share memories, but I wonder if I should draw hoodies for this. It’s quick to share food and get in a good mood, but that’s not sustainable and I’m unhappy.
I’ve learned the importance of time allowance.
Tsaa, because time is fixed, you can buy peace of mind. Good on that front, but when you look at it as a total day, if you pack too much in, you’ll be in a hurry when something happens.
Especially on days when you have a flight to catch, you need to be careful. From that aspect, Mei would definitely be in a better mood in Sydney.
I found myself getting impatient when communication was reduced. Why? You pay a lot of money, but it is a loss if you are lacking in commuication. I mean, I’m very focused on communication.
The time when you don’t know what to do is the hardest, so it’s good to be able to travel so that you can fill that time, and if you have friends, you can talk about something to fill the idle time during the trip, which makes it more satisfying. As long as you keep your mouth shut, you will not be satisfied.
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