23. Mar. 2023 ~Negative thinking~

I got sick again. My temperature went up to 40.1, which is the highest in my life.

Althogh I didn’t experienced such symptom while I am in Japan, I got twice within 2 months.

It has in common to feel to be safe after rushed periods. The accumulation of fatigue may cause my bad conditions.

Since I have to be at home but consider comming groupworks, I am depressed at moment. I can’t contibute to anyone, to make matters worse, I am making troubles for my mom and members in grioup for assignments. The percieved less contribution lead to decline my self-esteem.

Althogh I came to Australia to change as a person with tons of challenges,  these challenges make me feel bad. I am fully confused.

In such bad situation, I tried my best in terms of laundry and libraries. When I am negative, I am likely to take every trouble as serious problems and regard my value as the lowest.

To overcome this difficulties, I have to be healthy ASAP and find rooms for me to be able to contribute. In fact, I have to pick up pace in our group works.

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