16th. Mar. 2023 ~When puzzled, take both~

When I attended an interview for another position in running society today, the interviewer was so friendly to me than one in marketing subcommittee.

At the end of interview, he recommended that I can take both for workload.
This is the magical and extravagant choice for me. Althogh I worried about my excessive workload at that time, this oppotunity is once in a blue moon. So Why not I skip it? I can take both first and comit it.

To consider more, with 2 roles, I can see more detail and communicate with the members deeply, which fulfill my expectations that I had previously.

Furthermore, I restarted studying English itself with vocabulary books to turn over a new leaf and shake up my daily routine.

Actually, when I talked with GF at length, I feel a littel a bit frustrated. It seems like that I don’t wanna anyone to get out of my hair.

anyway, I am good at workload management and don’t wanna procrastinate.However, when it comes to groupwork, I can’t have perfect autonomy for the progress, thus, I am working on indivisual work at first so that I can control and fill blank of my days and save my bacon.


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