8th. Mar. 2023 ~The cause of misunderstandong~

Misunderstanding bring about when it is not sufficient that I can contact with members, coming from my lack of confidence and ability to use English in my case in Sydney. When I attended a tutorial, I got confused when I failed to hear what others were talking about.

Kindly, one of them told me that I have to check whenever I got confused. Without such an assistance, I will more hesitate to speak up. So kudos to her.

However, I feel unsatisfied because I feel that I am always disturbing them and they may criticize me behind the scene. Without distinct contribution, sound relationship afterwards won’t be established I reckon, so I was flustrated.

To raise one criticism for them, they often talk in Mandarin, which makes me feel isolated. It is unfair for me. Having said that, I suceeded in talking about this topic with one of my friends in Sydney today. So, I have to say Thanks for them.

Anyway, I thought that I was able to find room for me to contribute to yesterday and I commited to it before the tutorial, but my preparation doesn’t work. How should I do the next? According to divination, I should follow people around me this year. Although I want to cherish my goal, good conribution to a team with my autonomy, I have to be moderate to maximize the output as a group. I have to accept my inability right now, and gave them more autonomy. However, in other courses in term2-3, I wanna apply this experience.

Studying abroad is like marathon, I don’t have to get iritated right now. With a long-term strategy, I will win in my game.


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