3. Mar. 2023 ~My irritation comes from the difficulity I confront~

As people do so, I also get agitated when some situations become out of my control. I reckon this is because I percieve the lost control harm me. This thought pattern was built as I experienced similar things in my life like T&F races and the moment I run out of time for train from a clam school.

It is impossible to make everything under control, it is essential that I get resistant unexpected things.
Even now, I feel a little a bit hurry because in 10minuites, I have to go to an runninng event.

I am stick to success, “failures is negative outcome” is the representation of myself. I don’t have distict strong points,thus I am unwilling to stick out like a sore thumb with mistakes. Showing my lack of English ability is also the same thing to me  right now. it turn out to be obvious when I wait in a line for food hub today.

Althogh my roommate introduced me to his friends, I faild to hit it up with them with my shy personality. Actually, Shy personality is the sign of risk-averse trait. However, Being shy is also my mistake because I regreted it later.

So, What I need to do in this running event from now on?

Of course, Geting out of shy condition, which must provide feedback for my growth for me.

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