2. Mar. 2023 ~sooner rather than later~

Takeing an action is very crutial to lose opotunities and avoid the disruption of my lifestyle.

I contacted accomodation office to extend my duration in this accomodation, which was permitted against my expectation.

I thougt that I take a quick action to make a difference. Although the price for accomodation is expensive, given all survices and location, it is worthwhile.

Furthermore, I contacted to one of my friend liking my story of daily jogging. Since I feel it a little a bit waste of time to run alone because I lose oppotunities to communicate with people in English.

I also completed a homework for tomorrow which make my lifestyle stable. With the disruption of my lifestyle like O-week, i got sick. So I skipped such stressers.

Instead, I use more time for wholesome experience like T&F race and hanging out by 9pm. Assigning my time slots to such things, I can avoid going to severe setting, which as a whole contributes to my better QoL.

Having said that, I was invited by 3 people,which made me pleased so much.
Regardless of kinds of events, invitation from my friends has a positive effects on my emotion. I will cherish such friends more by communicating  more actively.

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