18. Mar. 2023 ~The difficulty to keep pace with others~

I and 2 friends are now planning itinerary for a 3days trip in Tasmania.

While I have several reading I wanna read and deal with, they are talking on their own pace. So I simultaniously tackle 2 tasks right now, which impede my concentration actually and I am not content with my progress so far although I have to go to bed early. Despite easy to-do list today, I couldn’t achieve it…

tomorrow, I will finish one of my assignment and progress report for next week,by doing so, I can feel to besafe during that trip.

Anyway, as long as I have to keep pace with others for travel, it is stressful for me because my top priority is not travel but assignments. However, this emotion hadn’t emit before because I didn’t attempt to go traveling with more than 2 people. From this experience, I can learn travel with many people with autonomy is hard and time-consuming for me. it entails with some stress.
It will be similar to the situation that I have to do griup assignment and group projects in industries in the future, I reckoned. SO IT IS GREAT oppotunities!


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