27th. Mar. 2023 ~Great Start~

2 responses I had in a class where I wasn’t able to do so before due to my lack of ability. Relating to my personal experience, I could generate my answer. The quaity of them were far away from mine in Japan, but this forward steo meant a lot to me.
Having said that, his ( tutor ) too light response was a little  a bit damaging to my heart but I am content with my challenge and realization.

My GF criticised me for forcing he to pay the half despite her transportation fee. I study in Australia and she wants to meet me before coming back to Japan.

At the end of the day, I don’t wanna make an effort  for my girl friend primarily. Instead, I seek to spend more time on immerse myself into Australian life.

I think, as long as we are growing apart, breaking up is the best choice for us both. I can’t think that I don’t like her, but it is not confortable to me to keep such relationship.

I didn’t run today’s training considering my bad condition of last week, in lieu of it I took photos and movies for runners, which made some exectives happy. When I put them to group chat, I was so nervous about others’ response. However, it was good to me to bite a bllet and post them.

Anyway, I can’t suggest my new ideas into marketing group because of senior members dominating the conversation, which force me to hesitate to raise my ideas.

As one member does, it seems to be good to add ideas on seniors’ suggestion.

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