19. Mar. 2023 ~Staying at home for preparation~

Althogh I wanted to work on English study, I have to go to bed soon because I have to leave 4:10 am which means I have to wake up at least 3:30 am. To keep my health, I tried to work on my assignments at home from morning. Althogh I said I am easily distracted by temptation at home, I want to avoid unexpected incidents today. So I chose my room as a optimal setting for me. Despite some disturbance, I have completed two assignments with minimal qualities.

Through this study abroad, I seek new NEO, breaking out of my shell. I assume this won’t come from just comittment to study itself, but from various oppotunities like travels, activities in societies and part-time jobs.

Quantitative outcomes will provide me with some confidence. I can not only get them in class room, but also outside as some people said to me.

Thus, I made a decision that as  long as I can learn some lessons from each class, I should avoid being emotional yo-yo about my grades, which resulting in my loss for improving English capacities. In fact, I watched Japanese contents from my fatigue.

I will stop thinking about study for 3days and enjoy good rest! This is my first attempt and I will learn something!


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