11th . Mar. 2023 ~How can I get content?~

I attended the Sydney Track Classic.
I felt stressed because I went there alone. Before STC started, literally I was alone. I wasn’t able to meet anyone. I’m scared that I waste my day for nothing as usual, which reduces my confidence. I just walked around Olympic park under the scorching sun. However, I tried to take this situation positively by switching to my thought that I can freely behave in venues, that is to say, gain autonomy.


After getting inside the venue, for a while, I was struggling with loneliness due to no communication with other spectators. Everyone formed their own community, where there wasn’t any room for me to join. Although I attempted to change the situation, I went to get a freebie from a sponsor of this event, where I got a great seat for spectators and met an introverted Indian person. I didn’t exchange my instagram with him, while I was in the venue we talked and shared our emotions inspired by races. My loneliness got smaller a little bit because our conversation wasn’t active. Just say something and end it, which is business as usual. I need to identify the cause for it. In fact this is the biggest gap between me and other international students.


However, I succeeded in taking photos with various athletes whom I know well. Unless in Japan, staff in the events are willing to communicate with athletes after their races and athletes also kindly deal with our desire to socialize.

I guess this is a burden on their physical conditions but as a branding it is indispensable for them. Thanks to them, I felt that I could communicate with people, which increased my satisfaction as a whole. 


Despite small steps, I was able to diversify my community again. 

Perhaps, I unconsciously set several goals before any events and opportunities and it depends on what degree I achieved that I get content.






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