12th. Mar. 2023 ~Event loss dismotivates me~

I am not active today due to an event loss, the feeling of emptiness. Althogh I had to deal with assignments today, fatigue and emptiness impede my motivation toward such tasks.

How should I cope with in this situation? In ideal, I keep my commitment to my own work without  succumbing to temptation. There are many methods out there about it actually, for instance, I should stay outside, where the existence of others let me put myself in my toes.

Althogh I am reluctant to tackle assignments due to high burden on my brain, at the end of the day, I will regret as usual, which dameges my self-actualization.

To attein anything, I have to endure controlable pains, whose stresses improve my capacity more and more.

Having said that, it is tricky that I take actions by myself. Thus, the existence of peers must be essential. If I have a training partner, each cheer the other.

That’s why I may be searching for intimate friends in campus.
Actually, I experienced a lot of excitment in Sydney Track Classic yesterday, so I should be open to friends tomorrow, which will give me new possibilities.

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