13. Mar. 2023 ~The maximization of output as one TEAM~

Today was busy because I delivered a group presentation and attended an interview for a subcommittee position.

With a limited ability to speak English, everyone assisted me to keep the vibes well during my turn in the presentation. They may have robbed me of opportunities to appeal in the class but their assistance for me kept the quality of our presentation awesome.

This switch of interpretation for facts will be important in socializing.

In fact, I also found room for improvement such as let audience join my discussion by asking new questions In ENGLISH.

Since everyone is awesome, I found a lot of role models for future careers. I am so fortunate.


Furthermore, I was appointed as a subcommittee member in the running society. It is unbelievable considering my inability to communicate in English! I tried as much as possible and I was so pleased that I was acknowledged by a white person who is a director in this position. Since I have a stereotype of white guys who despise Asians deep in mind.

I for the first time found that at least some white people can keep their attitude toward Asians the same level with other ethnicities.


I will work on video editing and other social media promotion from now on, I will go further to deepen my understanding in marketing promotion.

The existence of a position gives me a direction for me to put my effort, which is so comfy.

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