14. Mar. 2023 ~Spoiled~

I thonk I wasted today actually because I didn’t communicate anyone throughout the day in person.

In addition to failure to wake up this morning for morning run event, after waking up and shopping in supermarket, it took a while to start studying. The main cause is that I am at my room without going out. Since I don’t wanna spend much money for dishes, I am likely to stay at my room until lunch or at least I come back to my room once during lunch time.
Thus, my behaviors are unconsciously restricted to my room. To conbat this issues, it seems to be necessary for me to cook my lunch when I cook breakfast, so that I can eat outside without coming back to my room just for lunch. Actually, inertia is working in my room, so it is hard to go outside again after lunch time, which is a waste of time.

To be active, leading to my sense of accomplishment in the end of each day, I should acknowledge the necesity of the removal of negative inertia in each moment.

Althogh I did some tasks today, which was not sufficient. When I expect future burdens in my brain, I feel down in the dumps. So, I should have measures to more concentrate on my goals.


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