10. Mar. 2023 ~Sports is kinds like communication tool~

I joined a dance lesson today, where my favorite genre, lockin was held. While following routine, I felt very enjoyable but when it comes to free expression via dance, I got hesitation for it, making me awkword.

Actually, I am struggling with communicate woth them because they have already form closed community without any room for me to get in.

Furthermore, whenever I see such situation, I am likely to get more pessimistic, I guess this traits can inhibit people from talking to me. I just bult barriors around me by myself. I need more effort to get open to public.

In discussion, everyone takes care for me. It is pleasant in fact, but such their attitudes rob me of sense of contribution, which leads to my closeness toward people.

With who I exercise is important.
While I enjoyed Lockin today, the excitement wasn’t sufficient.
However, while running with others I can enjoy more deep in mind at least than dancing. I reckon this comes from peers who do them with me.

Through studying abroad, I noticed dance is good, but not dance per se. The atmosphere I enjoy it with intimate people is resource of excitement, which can be gained in running right now.


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